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09 Dec 2010 2:09 pm
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amit butola

Solar home light for 225sqft room 12hrs backup NoMainten in Delhi

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Sri Sresti Marketing Solutions have launched another innovative product, a new breed of Solar based lighting systems for light back-up up to 24hrs a day and expected life up to 5 years that too maintenance free and eco-friendly. Solar powered light & sound systems useful for homes, offices, shops, industries, community centers, village Panchayat, mobile canvassing, emergencies, public addressing etc.

The general complications with other types of solar light systems are the power conversion and the light output device which finally give a poor performance in the long run. is promoting these solar lights under brand name "Kumar Lights" which have high power solar panels and battery back up that can comfortably provide enough power for 24hrs light back up. The battery comes with a standard one year warranty by the original manufacturer and the kit has a life expectancy of about 5-6 years costing from just Rs.4250/- including courier charges.

Kumar Light systems run on high performance LED's which have a life expectancy of about 50,000 hours or say about 5-6 years even when run 24 x 7.

Top ten reasons to buy this product:

1. Units are solar powered hence you are using green energy that is pollution free and available freely. The expected life of the solar panel is about 25 years hence a wise investment.
2. Most units are backed up with eco-friendly battery which has life expectancy of 6-7 years with one year replacement warranty from the manufacturer of the battery.
3. Light units are powered with Light Emitting Diodes which consume less power while giving maximum light that too without any heat dissipation hence no power loss while giving maximum conversion of power to light. Since LED’s have a long life of about 50,000 probably changing is not necessary for the next five to six years
4. All units provide an uninterrupted light supply of about 12 hours (during night time) hence lighting supply for 24 hours is possible for the next five years continuously depending upon conditions.
5. Rugged construction of the units provide long life of the device hence can be used in harsh conditions
6. Solar module, power unit and the light device are interconnected with a lengthy cable hence each part can be individually placed as per convenience temporarily or permanently and provides lots of flexibility to manage
7. Units do not have any DC to AC or DC to DC invertors or converters hence trouble free in the long run
8. Most units come with a mobile charger which can suit to most mobiles hence uninterrupted communication is possible in most places where power is either scarce or un- available.
9. Some units are with built in FM receiver and powerful 10W audio amplifier which can be easily used as a public addressing system
10. A wise investment and a great performer.

Model – Kumar Lights Model No: 127S – Standard

1. Powered with 5 W / 10W solar panel, ruggedly constructed
2. Power pack comes with a branded battery which comes with 1year replacement warranty by the manufacturer.
3. Lighting device is fitted with LED’s strip complete with a reflector and a transparent cover to ensure maximum spread. Can be hanged or hand held.
4. 24 hours light is possible depending upon conditions
5. Easy installation
6. Price is from Rs.4250/- including courier charges for delivery to all important stations in India.

Exact duration of light production / output may differ from place to place, intensity of sun availability, positioning of the solar panel, season, day and time of operation and other factors.

Technically speaking Model KL 127S can produce light for 12 Hours depending upon favorable conditions.

How to install Solar Panels for KL127S and make the unit work

Installing the unit - KL 127S - is simple. The solar panel is to be fixed facing the south direction with a little inclination to drain off any rain water. You can fix it over the slab facing the sky. If any of your home walls are having constant sun light for more than 8 hours a day, you can fix the panel even to that wall.

Then run the wire (about 12 meters) that was already attached to it to the power device (a heavy box with switches and indicator). Then attach the light module to it. The pins for the solar panel to the box and the pin of the light module to the power device are of different sizes. The power or battery box has clear marks on it where the pins are to be arranged.

You can keep the light module in a convenient position you need as it comes with about 3 meters of wire.

The biggest advantage with our Kumar Lights - solar light systems is they can run for 12 hours a day for the next few years to come. The only disadvantage is you need to use it daily for at least 2-3hours or other wise you need to disconnect the solar panel pin to the power device to prevent damage to the battery.

Since there are no electronic components to run the device or the light module you are free from future repair worries.

Since most governmental agencies private cannot supply power to almost all the areas of requirement, these solar products find very advantageous especially in mobility. In time of power cut or load
shedding these cater to emergencies of all sorts.

All these products are directly available for people living at Vijayawada, eluru, denduluru, bhimadole, tadepalligudem, nidadavole, kovvur, godavari, rajahmundry, samalkot, kakinada, pithapuram, tuni, annavaram, anakapalli, tadi, duvvada, vizag, visakhapatam, vizianagaram, salur, srikakulam, madhira, khammam, dornakal, mahaboobabad, warangal, kazipet, bibinagar, ghatkeskar, Guntur, Tenali, Nellore, Ongole, bapatla, chirala, ongole, singarayakonda, bitragunta, kavali, nellore, gudur, renigunta, srikalahasti, tirupathy, Cuddapah, Kurnool, Anantapur, guntakal, bhimavaram, nuzvid, because Vijayawada is centrally located to all these stations and Vijayawada is
the commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Even in big cities like agartala, agra, ahmedabad, ajmere, aligarh, Allahabad, alleppy, alwal, ambala, amritsar, Andaman, Chennai, ankleswar, arokkanam, asansol, bhavanagar, bhilai, durg, bhiwandi, Bhopal, bhuj, bhubaneswar, bidar, bihar, bijapur, bikaneer, bhilaspur, bokaro, calicut, chandigarh, kerala, Chidambaram, dindigul, durgapur, dwaraka, ernakulam, erode, faizabad, faridabad, fatepur, sikhri, ferozpur, gandhinagar, gangotri, gangtok, guwahati, gaya, Ghaziabad, gorakpur, gulbarga, gulmarg, gurgaon, gwalior, hameerpur, hasan, hazaribad, hissar, hospet, ibrahimpatnam, imphal, indore, itanagar, itarsi, jabalpur, jagadalpur, jeypore, jaipur, orissa, jammu, jamnagar,
jamshedpur, jodhpur, kalpakkam, kanchipuram, kanjikode, kannur, kanpur, kanyakumari, karaikudi, karimnagar, kharagpur, kolar, kolkatta, koraput, kota, kottagudem, kottayam, Krishna, kurekshetra,
lucknow, ludhiana, machilipatnam, bundar, madurai, mahabalipuram, mala, malda, mallapuram, mancherial, mandya, manglore, mangalapuram, manipal, manmad, mannar, madhura, meerut, mirzapur, mohali, Mumbai, munnar, mussooree, muzafarnagar, mysore, nagapattanam, nagercoil, nagpur, nainital, nalgonda, narsaraopeta, nasik, new delhi, neyveli, nizamabad, noida, ooty, palkol, palghat, palakkad, panipat, patiala, patna, pondicherry, port blair, Poona, puri, raigadh, rajkot, raipur, rameswaram, ranchi, ranipet, ratnagiri, roorkela, sagar, saharanpur, sangli, shillong, sholapur,
shimla, sonepat, sriharikota, srinagar, srirangam, sultanpur, surat, tanjore, tanuku, tirpur, tiruvella, tirchur, trichy, trivendrum, triveni, tuticorin, udaipur, udampur, udipi, ujjain, varanasi, vasco-da-gama, vellore, wardha, yanam there is a power cut in almost all the seasons. This affects losses in all segments. For homes the lighting plays an important role for every work to be done.

These products have ample scope for export as these light systems are very handy and have almost zero maintenance hence the third world countries need these very much, as power is either very scarce or costs very high.

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