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01 Apr 2011 1:46 pm
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Location: Mumbai(Maharashtra), India
Phone: 022-22404889
Mobile: 9820050568

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amit butola

Property Lawyers for Redevelopment of housing societies, old buildings, Slum redevelopment projects etc.. in Mumbai

Services [ Lawyers - Advocates ]

M/s. Paresh Bhagalia & Co.

(Advocates & Legal Consultants)

6/8, Old Hanuman 2nd Cross Lane,

107, 1st Floor, Rajda Building,

Dhirubhai Parikh Marg, Kalbadevi,

Mumbai. - 400 002.

Ph : 22404889. Fax : 22411738.

E-Mail :

Mobile : 9820050568

For Re-development of immovable properties in Mumbai by various owners, landlords and Co-operative Housing Societies, the firm represents many of such Builders, Developers, owners / landlords and Co-operative Housing Societies in respect of re-development of their lands and properties.


The Law firm maintains highest standards of professional ethics and ensures an unequivocal loyalty and commitment to protect the interests of their clients.


The professionally managed legal consultancy firm engaged in Drafting, vetting and finalizing of all types of property documents, Our most efficient and personalized services extends from offering consultancy for and specializes in laws related to properties Real Estate and Commercial matters, including conveyancing, co-operative sector, resolution of complex title issues and other areas of general Property law. 


No delegation of work to less experienced staff. All work is undertaken by a legal specialist of 25 years experience.


Highly competitive professional charges - Speedy and efficient response time.

Our documents are accurate, carefully drafted and understandable.

We offer the highest integrity and discretion with respect to client confidences.


This is the information only Disclaimer- In compliance with the norms laid down by the Bar Council of India we are providing only basic information. The site is neither intended to be nor is, a source or form of publicity, advertisement or solicitation of work and any contract herein should not be considered as an invitation to establish Lawyer client relationship.

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