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07 Dec 2010 2:08 pm
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Location: Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu), India
Mobile: 9894815803

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amit butola

Ncomputing,Thin client,Sharing of CPU in Coimbatore

Electronics & Technology [ Computer Peripherals ]

Connect upto 30 Users in one CPU.
Use Ncomputing Everywhere
* Classroom
*Media centers
*Computer labs
*Teacher desks
3 Model's to choose:
PCI connected
1.X-series X550.
Ethernet Connected
2.L-series L130,L230,L300.
USB connected
3.U-series U170
Ncomputing Starts from 4000.
For 80,000 you can connect 6 users, so 6 of them can use the system at the same time,
But normal systems will cost 24000-/ per CPU so for 6 users it will cost 1,44,000.
You save in every thing:
75% on hardware,75% on Maintenance,90% on Energy.

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