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28 Jan 2011 1:13 pm
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Location: Patna(Bihar), India
Mobile: 0 94440 80244

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amit butola

Market our special Green Tea having amazing health benefits in your area with full freedom, image & also have a regular income. in Patna

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Market our special Green Tea having amazing health benefits in your area with full freedom, image & also have a regular income.


I am manufacturing a special green tea. It is instant and you need NO milk & NO sugar and need only HOT water. It is fully natural, delicious and less costly than other beverages but having amazing health benefits. It is far more superior to other brands available in the market.




Our Special Green Tea can reduce weight, obesity & stress and improve Immunity, stamina, memory, fertility & joyful sex.


Natural! Instant! Delicious! Vegetarian!

Amazing Health benefits to all!

Less costly than other beverages!

8 cups a day make you –Energetic, Youthful, Healthy& Live long!

Strengthen all parts of your body & make them function well!

Not just a beverage – but agent of effective living!



In Ayurveda, all the 6 herbs used in our formulation are described as KAYAKALPA and each herb has got many major health benefits and together all 6 have got amazing health benefits. Taking our Green tea as per the directions, you can control all your current health problems and can protect you from all sorts of infections and remain healthy for ever. Whatever health problems you may have now, they will come down within 3 months of taking our Green tea as per our recommendations.



Our Green tea can nourish every part of the body, help the parts to function properly and remove the toxins in the entire body caused by drugs and harmful foods. To know more about us and our product, visit our website : . You can be our franchise of your area wit hfull freedom, image & also can have a regular income.



Corporate can give our special green tea to employees for them to be more active & perform better:





Corporate have a practice of giving coffee / tea 2 or 3 times a day to their employees. Our green tea has got amazing health benefits and therefore business performance can be better and employees may not fall sick often as their immunity can improve greatly.



I strongly suggest that corporate may reduce the intake of coffee/ tea in the company and start consuming more of our green tea for better health of employees and as well to have a better business performance.




Hotels / Tea shops / Canteens can also consider our special green tea for better health of customers

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