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24 Jun 2012 10:01 pm
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Location: New Delhi(Delhi), India
Phone: 011-64632221
Mobile: 8010708080

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Laptop repairing computer hardware chiplevel course institute in delhi india in New Delhi

Education & Learning [ Short Term Programs ]

Laptop Care Institute of Information Technologies Call 9811654676, 8010708080

 Our Testing and Repairing Tools

Ø  CRO Machine.

Ø  BGA Machine.

Ø  Bios Programmer.

Ø  SMD Machine.

Ø  SMD Tester.

Ø  Magnifier Lamp.

Ø  Digital Multimeter.

Ø  Micro Soldering Iron Unit.

Ø  Desoldering Pump.

Ø  Advance Magnetic Screw Driver kit.

Ø  Soldering Iron.

Ø  Desktop Diagnostic Card.

Ø  Laptop Diagnostic Card.


Our Courses


Ø  Laptop Chiplevel Repairing Course (Complete) – 6 Month                         Rs. 25000       Incase of 1 shot payment: Rs. 3000 off.

Ø  Advance Laptop Chiplevel Repairing Course (For Expert) – 3 Month       Rs. 18000       Incase of 1 shot payment: Rs. 3000 off.

Ø  Mobile Repairing Course – 3 Month                                                             Rs. 12000      Incase of 1 shot payment: Rs. 2000 off.

Ø  Computer Hardware and Networking Course – 3 Month                           Rs. 12000      Incase of 1 shot payment: Rs. 2000 off.

Ø  Printer Repairing Course – 2 Month

Ø  MCSE (Networking) – 3 Month



Ø  Crash Course and Fast Track Course Facility is Available

Ø  You Can Complete your course within 15 Days/1 Month

Ø  Full Day /Regular Class Facility Available.

Ø  Practice during Course.

Ø  100% Life Time Technical Backup Support

Ø  Hostel Facility Available. Neat and clean room with cooler, fan, refrigerator for cold water, kitchen facility,

Ø  100% Job and Business Support.

Ø  Onboard Live Practical Training.

Syllabus includes: Basic Electronics, Chiplevel Practice,

Desktop Motherboard: VRM Circuit, Ram supply circuit,

clock generator circuit, ROm circuit, Input outpur controller

circuit, 5V stand by circuit, PS on circuit,north bridge supply

circuit, south bridge supply circuit, Finding address/data/clock/reset signal

using CRO Machine, Diagnostic Card and Multi meter etc.


Laptop: assembling /dissembling of laptop, laptop parts detail,laptop

display unit, vrm circuit, volt in circuit, ram supply circuit,

step down circuit, battery charging circuit, i/o controller circuit,

north bridge supply circuit, south bridge supply circuit, USB supply circuit,

audio amplifier circuit etc.

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