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KNOW WHICH GEMSTONE TO WEAR - Astrologically in Bangalore

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We are the dealers of Gemstones (Gems). We are sure that you will get every kind of Gemstones and that too at best price (from Our Gemstone Store) OR to know the best deal for your Gemstone mail us. We can guide you; how to choose a particular Gemstone ; we can tell you all myths and truths about Gemstones. If you want more and particular information about your Gemstone then you can contact us.



Visit :-



---->>> FAQ's

1. How Gemstones Work ?

Ans. All the Gemstones work on the principle of absorption and transmission of some particular wavelengths of cosmic rays which belong to some particular planet (Plantes like Mercury, Sun etc.).


2. Are Semi-Precious Gemstones Effective ?

Ans. Semi-Precious Gemstones are Boon for the people who cannot afford Precious Gemstones. Moreover Semi-Precious Gemstones can be substitute for Precious Gemstones. Like Ruby has substitute as Red Garnet and Emerald has a substitute as Peridot.


3. In how many ways i can wear Gemstones ?

Ans. You can wear Gemstones by types (a) Recommendation by Astrologer after viewing Birth or Horocope Chart. (b) According to your Date and Month of Birth which are also called Birthstones.(c) By Choice - If you want to wear for specific color, shape or size.


4. Only Costly Gemstones are effective ?

Ans. No not only the costly Gemstones are effective. Yes we agree that costly Gemstones have higher absorption power to absorb the cosmic rays but Semi-Precious Gemstones also have absorption power but it is less as compared to Precious Gemstones.


5. Can i wear more than one Gemstones ?

Ans. It is not defined that how much stones you have to wear. If you wear Gemstones for Jewellery purpose than you can wear as much Gemstones as you want, but if you have to wear because of astrological purpose than you should wear Gemstones guided by your Astrologer (maybe 2 or 3 Gemstones).


6. Where i can wear Gemstones ?

Ans. Gemstones can be worn on Hands in the form of Bracelets, fingers in the form of Rings, Neck in the form of Necklaces.


7. What if i cannot afford Gemstones ?

Ans. If you cannot afford Precious Gemstones then you can go for Semi-Precious Gemstones which much cheaper to buy.


8. How i can know that Gemstone is Real or Fake ?

Ans. No one can estimate by seeing that Gemstone is real or fake, there is is the whole procedure of testing the Gemstone either through Laboratory or Certified Testing Clinics. We also provide the testing of a Gemstone.


9. Where i can get all list of Gemstones with Prices ?

Ans. You can get all list of Gemstones from us with Price Range. Just Visit :-

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