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19 Apr 2012 12:47 pm
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ramesh bhardwaj

Complete and permanent cure of Ganglion in Ahmedabad

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 A ganglion is also referred as a Baker's cyst. A ganglion is a small cyst that contains a thick jelly-like material. It looks and feels like a smooth lump under the skin. It is not fully understood how they occur. It is usually attached to a joint or tendon, and the fluid inside is like a thicker version of the fluid which 'lubricates' the joint and tendon sheaths (synovial fluid).

The two common sites where they are found are on the back of the wrist and on the top of the foot next to the small joints. Other sites of the body are affected less commonly.

Symptoms of ganglion 

* Mostly there won't be any symptom at all, except swelling.
* Swelling or mass in the wrist may vary in size from peanut size to golf ball size
* Sore pain or throbbing pain may occur while flexing the wrist
* There may be numbness in areas of that particular nerve when it gets compressed or affected
* Weakness of the fingers, when the corresponding supplying artery gets compressed
* Tender swelling of the ganglion may interrupt with the movements of the wrist; also swelling itself (even without pain) can restrict movement

Homeopathic approach to ganglion –

Everyone knows well that Homeopathy treats tumours with medicines and not surgery. One such tumour is ganglion. It can be cured with Homeopathic medicines without any recurrences. But treatment should be followed till it subsides wholly or otherwise there will be recurrence as in other treatments.

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