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Char Dham Yatra in Dehli


Char Dham Yatra are the four places where God live as people think. These are the places most respected for Hindus one must have to visit at least one’s in his life. These are the places where one can imagine the God. “Char Dhan Yatra “or one can say “Char Dham Tour” is the tour for moksha as Hindu mythologies. Char Dham – Gangotri; Yamunotri; Kedarnath; Badrinath; all the places of great spirituality. In this journey we cover Haridwar, Barkot Yamunotri, Gangotri, Uttarkashi, Guptkashi, Gourikund, Kedarnath, Rudraprayag, Badrinath, Srinagar, and Rishikesh.
Gangotri is the seat of the goddess Gasnga and this is the origin point of river Ganga, is one of the four places in the Char Dham pilgrimage. From the origin the river is called Bhagirathi and the river is called Ganga from Devprauag where it meets the Alakanda. There is a very interesting about the Ganga’s origin on the earth. “Bhagarath” one of the ancestor of king (raja) Ram pray, a lot to the goddess Ganga to come on the earth and goddess Ganga became pleased and came on the earth. That’s why we called river Ganga “Bhagirathi” The origin of the holy river Ganga is at Gaumukh, set in the Gangotri Glacier, and is a 19 km trek from Gangotri. Gangotri can be reached in one day from Rishikesh, Haridwar and in two days from Yamunotri.

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